Greetings Massive from Kid Pecos I have been listing lot’s of tunes over at check out the tl sound reggae dancehall set. Soon I will be listing some of the interesting reggae, dancehall sites that I visit. What would be a personal reggae, dancehall web portal. Here a visitor can view some solid reggae, dancehall information, and you can go from there. This is like mentioned just a personal set out of all the reggae, dancehall sites on the web. If you have a reggae, dancehall site, or interest contact me at so I can list your interest. kid Pecos now has #1 this site that is solid to see the Southern California reggae scene. #2 a nice reggae dancehall site some really nice music shows major dj’s sound system shows they play shows with artist sounds in Canada. #3 a solid site for the latest news aboat artist and orther runnings check out vibes of the dance hall reggae music.#4 This site down for a while if you have a site would like to place a thought on a number for your reggae dancehall set contact tl sound reggae dancehall for reggae sound dancehall vinyl check out a solid site for sound systems music collectors to load up on the latest tunes as well as classics with important info on reggae music. #5 for solid reggae sound system tunes a special sound system label producing the latest new wave of reggae dancehall tunes. #6 For a solid band for your next reggae gig check out a new energy of reggae sounds. #7 for some serious blaze tunes they have the and sound on lock down nough said. #8 kid pecos has all genre of vinyl records listed along with a solid tl sound reggae dancehall selection. #9 a Toronto newspaper & media company with a focus on Caribbean events, music, news. #10 an entertainment, celebrities news site with a focus on reggae artists a lot of videos. #11 a knowledge base of reggae information with the latest news on reggae, dancehall, artist, and events around the island, world music vibes. #12 an Atlanta based sound system premier music site. Kid Pecos will soon list many sites. #13 to find any genre of vinyl to try and help check out away to purchase any tune that fits your sound, collection. #14 an EU based reggae info site in Holland with all the current reggae news,reggae artist runnings. #15 a long time reggae portal with all of the reggae going all over the world. #16 to check out some reggae vinyl here a selection featuring TL Sound Reggae Dancehall can be found a nice set of tunes for a Sound System, DJ, reggae vinyl collector. #17 a detailed site into dancehall runnings. #18 Switzerland #1 reggae dancehall sound & crew along side info on the Switzerland reggae scene. From Kid Pecos youth out of the 1980’s I wished to travel to this most important country Switzerland. With dreams of seeing the Alps, Zurich, Geneva after living in the toughest part of San Francisco the Geneva Towers where Kid Pecos found the love of Jah in the King’s Reggae Music to go to Geneva,Switzerland sounded nice. They say that a large Ethiopian population lives in Switzerland. #19 A great overall music site lots of info for up and coming acts with their gigs. #20 Nuff respect to long time twitter followers who run dancehall tings near, hear, and abroad #21 A major reggae portal with all the reggae dancehall web based reggae runnins with a free reggae based email like lots of reggae dancehall sites listed. #22 for all the Soca island music news with free email like all the latest Soca artist island news music. #23 For a long time deep reggae knowledge of all Reggae Events in Germany from their site Reggae In Germany – web since 1994′ 1 of Kid Pecos happy set sets to always touch down in Germany Reggae total scene. #24 A Bongo Music Song with Kid Pecos for this you will need to type Jarvis Shine & you should see Kid Pecos will work on this #25 A long time true Sound System out of Germany that studied the Culture of Jamaica Roots Sound System. 1 of Kid Pecos favorite sites to visit #26 A heavy musical conscious featuring a Caribbean Style Mix out of the U.K. #27 From the growing Germany Reggae Dancehall scene a long time running new Digital Age Reggae Dancehall Label with an in depth Reggae Dancehall info site Thank You for studying For more info on TL Sound Reggae Dancehall or to placed on the site use the form to send your thoughts.